What is a Widget? How does it work?

Widgate is a SaaS initiative that generates, guides, and generates information on a global level for companies that sell products or services for domestic or overseas, or advertising agencies that promote these products and services.

How many miles do you make with your thumb during the day?

Millions of content are produced and published daily by social media users and brands. Brands with the most remarkable and target-oriented content in a vertical downward flow are more successful in promotional and product sales points.

Audience-Oriented Content Infrastructure

For example, a company operates in both Istanbul and Mumbai. The feast of sacrifice came and they shared a content. While this content is welcomed by customers in Istanbul, it can cause a crisis in mumbai.

According to the socio-cultural structure of each country, there are cultural factors and important days. For example, the flag day is important for someone living in Azerbaijan, and the week of the Rio Carnival is very important for someone living in Brazil.

When they enter our system, they first select the country where their target audience is located. For example; Germany
In the second step, they choose which sector they operate in. For example; Agriculture.
Thanks to this information, they have a content calendar with content ideas about Germany and agriculture.
Our system can give its users the following message. “Germans consume cereals in the morning. You should share your grain-focused ingredients in the morning. ”

All Content in One Platform

In addition to content maps that you can create on Widgate, you can add your own content (blog post, visual, .gif, video, etc.). In this way, you can add all your content to a single platform and run the approval mechanism as a team.

Content Suggestion System

In addition to the country or industry-oriented content calendars you create, and the content you create yourself, Widgate continually recommends content ideas to you through its content suggestion system. In this way, you can get rid of what I share today.

For Brands

You can invite your colleagues to country or industry-oriented content maps created on Widgate. You can run anyone who contributes to this process, such as copywriter, graphic designer and art director, in an organized way through a single system.

For Agencies

In particular, all the content provided by the advertising agencies via excel spreadsheets becomes easier thanks to Widgate. Advertising agencies can get approval of content maps created on Widgate

Currently, the 0.1 version of the Widgate ITU Kernel is operating within. In version 0.2, a few different and useful features will be added to the system. Thank you very much for your interest and demo requests. You can check the features and prices from the link; https://widgate.com/fiyatlar/