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Thanks to its simple and simple interface, Widgate allows you to create as many social media content maps as you want and saves you from all the complicated methods you manage your content processes.

Say Goodbye to Excel Sheets!

As a social media manager, is it difficult to manage your scattered content via Excel, Google Drive, Whatsapp and mail?

We have gathered everything for you in one platform!

  • Create a single-click content map
  • Customer-specific content map sharing
  • Country and industry-based content ideas
  • Drag and drop content ideas
  • In-team communication screen

Other Benefits

Sosyal medya yöneticilerinin dağınık ve karmaşık iş akışlarını tek bir platform üzerinden yönetmesini sağlayan Widgate ile içerik fikri üretmek her zaman daha kolay. Trend içerik fikirlerini sürekle bırak yöntemiyle içerik haritanıza ekleyin.

Single Platform Management

Drag & Drop Contents

In-Team Communication

Adding Unlimited Content

Customer Chat Screen

Industry Content Ideas

Country Based Content Ideas

Customer-Specific Content Sharing

Streamline your Content Management Processes

Name the social media content you produce, upload it to the content map with detailed descriptions, and chat with your teammates via Widgate for better content.