Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to help you, we have prepared many questions that you may encounter.

How can i create a content calendar?

After logging in from your membership screen, click “Content Map” in the left menu.

You can create a new content map by clicking the “Content Map” section and clicking the “New Content Map” button at the top right of the page that opens.

How many content calendars can I create?

Standard holders can create 5 content calendars, Premium holders can create 10 content calendars and Enterprise holders can create 15 content calendars.

How many content can I add per calendar calendar?

Standard, Premium, and Enterprise package owners can add unlimited content to the content maps they create.

Does Widgate automatically publish the contents of my calendars?

The current version does not have automatic content publishing. You can use this feature in the next version.

What is the difference between Widgate and other social media tools?

Widgate is a SaaS initiative that generates, guides, and generates information on a global level for companies that sell products or services or advertising agencies that promote these products and services.

How do I access or update my account information?

You can access and update your password, user mail and other information from the screen that appears by clicking the “Edit Profile” link in the left menu of your administration panel.

How do I update a calendar's details?

To access the social media content calendars you have created, first click the “Content Map” link in the left-hand menu in your administration panel.

You can then view previously created social media content maps as a list. You can click on the “Edit” button to access the desired social media content map.

How do I add content to my calendar?

To add content to the social media content calendar you have created, just select the month you want to add content in the social media calendar you opened and click on any day.

After selecting any day, you can enter the following information about the content you want to add from the screen that appears;

  • Name of Content
  • Description of Content
  • Content Color in Calendar
  • Content Upload Area

After entering the content information, you can add your content by pressing the “OK” button.

48/5000 How do I update the content I've added?

To change the content you have added, first find the content you want to change and click on it.

After clicking on the content, you can change the information of the content from the screen that appears.

How do I contact my team about content?

To change the content you have added, first find the content you want to change and click on it. After clicking on the content you can use the chat section on the right side of the screen.

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