Take Social Media to Global Level

Create a content map by industry and country, edit all your content on one platform and prepare for the publishing process.

Benefits of Widgate

Organize your social media content easily by country and sector where your target audience is located. Share with your team or customer and get approval.

All Content in One Platform

You can check all content maps that you have prepared for your brand or customers through Widgate.

Audience-Oriented Infrastructure

Create your content map now and customize it with your own content according to the countries and sectors where your target audience is located.

Shareable Content Maps

Include your teammates and customers in the content maps you create. Accelerate the approval process.

Easily Manage Your Content
with Widget

Manage the business or brand content maps you manage on a single platform, include your teammates in your content map, and improve your social media content in easier time.

Why Widgate?

All your content calendars are now on one platform, plus 30 days free!

Organized Work

You can work with your teammates on the same content map, or you can include your customers in your content maps.

Contents by Country

You can create a content calendar using content ideas that are available for specific days and weeks in countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Contents by Industry

You can create a content calendar using ready-made content ideas for Health, Technology, Clothing, Health, Services and other industries.

Simplify Your Processes

Name the social media content you produce, upload it to the content map with detailed descriptions, and chat with your teammates via Widgate for better content.

Always be up to date with the advanced support center

With our account management and consulting support, you can get professional support from our expert support team for content maps that you create on Widgate. In addition to our expert support service, we are always with you with how-to videos, blog posts, frequently asked questions and our online support team.

Social Media Specialist's Best Friend

Sosyal medya hesaplarınızı yönettiğiniz marka veya işletmeler için sektöre ve ülkeye göre içerik haritası oluşturun ve tüm içeriklerinizi tek platformda kurgulayın ve yayın sürecine hazırlanın.

Say Goodbye to Excel Sheets!

As a social media manager, is it difficult to manage your scattered content via Excel, Google Drive, Whatsapp and mail?
We have gathered everything for you in one platform!