5 Proofs of Widgate’s Social Media Manager’s Best Friend

Social media expertise is a tiring and entertaining profession that does not depend on a specific working time. While social media experts try to produce the best content idea for the social media accounts they manage, they also strive for the best reflection of their ideas on digital. As the number of managed accounts increases, it becomes more difficult to access the content maps of these social media accounts in one place, to constantly update them and to follow special days.

During the day, how many miles do you drive down with your right thumb using your phone?

In social media where there is a continuous downward flow, adding the most careful content to this flow and creating interaction with its target audience is one of the most difficult tasks of the social media expert. Excel, Google drive, whatsapp, etc., until it catches the stream. Not to mention their revised communication with customers through vehicles.

At this point, Widgate facilitates the work of social media managers in 5 different stages.

1- Finding Content Idea

What I share today is one of the biggest problems of all social media experts. Weekly schedules may be interrupted, revised, or rejected. In such cases, you should have the resources to get continuous content idea and you must have a content idea in reserve.

At this point, Widgate helps social media experts in 3 stages.

  • Content Ideas by Country
  • Content Ideas by Sector
  • Trend Content Ideas

All you have to do is make these selections when creating a content calendar. Full content calendar with a single click is yours. 🙂

You can also drag and drop trend content ideas to the calendar easily after creating the content calendar.


2- One Platform for All Content Calendars

The biggest nightmare of social media managers who manage multiple brands is to gather the content calendar of all brands, revise it according to the customer and write content notes.

With Widgate, you can gather all your content calendars in one place.


3- Team Communication

In the process of creating social media content, communication within the team is of great importance. An important feature that facilitates this communication is that we have a separate chat screen for each content. With Widgate, you can also chat with your teammates for each content and manage the entire process with ease.



4- Saving Time

When you manage all your social media content processes on Widgate, you don’t waste time and can spend more time on your other business processes.

5- Efficient Operation

Thanks to its simple and simple interface, Widgate allows you to create as many social media content maps as you want and saves you from all the complicated methods you manage your content processes. In this way, you can work faster and more effectively.

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