4 Steps to Creating an Effective Social Media Content Map with Widgate

Social media management consists of 3 different areas. Sending, receiving and reporting. At the sending stage, the life cycle of your target audience is removed and the most appropriate message is searched for and the target audience-oriented social media content calendar is created.

The receiving phase is where you respond to interactions (likes, comments, sharing) returned from the target audience. The last stage is where you report all the data. The most important step among these stages is sending, that is, you find the content ideas that will mobilize the target audience, and you will find these ideas in video, .gif, visual design and video etc. content.

With Widgate’s infrastructure, we enable our customers to find the most effective content ideas focused on their target audience.

Step 1: Schedule of Content by Country

When you log in to your Widgate panel and choose to create a content map, the first question we ask our customers is in which country their target audience lives.

The social and cultural situation of the country where the target audience lives is one of the most important factors affecting the lifestyles and life cycles of those people. For example, Easter Day and the fall of the Berlin Wall are important for someone living in Germany, while Flag Day is important for someone living in Azerbaijan.

The most important factor in asking our users to choose a content map by country is to prevent cultural differences from causing any social media crisis.

When a previous blog post, as in the example we have given our two brands operating in India and Turkey Feast of Sacrifice came not share the same content across all social media accounts. This content interaction could lead to crisis in India, while in Turkey.

Step 2 Calendar of Content by Sector

nce you have selected the country in the content map you have created in your Widgate panel, you can also make a sector selection via the system. By selecting the sector in which your brand operates, you can add important and special days for that sector to our content calendar.

Each sector has its own dynamics. For example, the health sector has more than 35 special days for 365 days. For example;

  • Seniors Week
  • Down Syndrome Day
  • World Water Day
  • World Tuberculosis Day
  • Cancer Week

Step 3 Trend Content Ideas

After adding content ideas to your content calendar according to the country where your target audience is located and the sector in which the brand operates, our social media content calendar starts to fill with ideas.

The next step is to add your favorite random social media ideas to your content calendar by dragging and dropping each time you log in to Widgate. For example;

  • Team Photo
  • Product Image
  • Product Review Video
  • Today in History

Step 4: Your Content

After three steps on Widgate, you can also add your own content to the social media content calendar that you created by clicking on the day you want to publish.

After 4 steps you will have a social media content calendar full of ideas. 🙂 These four steps will give you the following 3 benefits;

  1. Decreasing Your Cost of Time: The cost of time to find a content idea is saved.
  2. Single Calendar All Contents: You will be able to see all your content ideas on a single calendar.
  3. Single Platform Management: You will be able to manage the content calendars of all your brands through a single platform

For more information about Widgate, you can check out our packages or request a demo now.

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